Sunday, April 09, 2006


It is my intention to make this weblog a source of many things relating to Christian morality.

Sometimes you may stumble across meditations on texts. Or you may come across formal arguments concerning moral theology. I occasionally may offer reviews of books I read during the course of my studies and leisure time. And certainly I will recommend books or articles I find fascinating and enlightening to those interested.

For the curious, you will not find watered-down Catholic morality here. I hold and teach the Catholic faith without reservation. And I humbly would submit my work to the Church for examination, if need be.

In my current work and research, I am focusing on sexual ethics, more specifically the issue of homosexuality and the Church's teaching. My moral theological interests span from sexual ethics, to marriage and the family, to bioethics, social ethics, and last but not least the intergration of the biblical witness in moral theology. I also have interest in systematic theology.

I welcome comments upon my posts and also welcome feedback or questions via email (which you can find in my profile).

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Richard said...

From one graduate student in Catholic moral theology to another:

This blog is a great (and overdue) idea. Keep up the good work.

Lord knows there's enough material out there to keep you blogging all day. Especially if Cardinal Martini keeps giving more interviews.

dominus vobiscum,